Odd Graphic art self portrait oil painting


          I am drawn to the exploration and contemplation of existence, both physical and metaphysical, and our knowledge of it. My work is an extension of this exploration. I am inspired by geometry, space, futurism (particularly the futurism of the past), celestial bodies, the curvature of the human form, philosophical ideas, escapism, nostalgia of past eras and the objects, inventions, and ways of life that existed in those eras. I am drawn to the work of artists who explore color, shape, composition, complexity through simplicity, and what I see as intentional playfulness. Sol Lewitt, Chuck Close, and Michel Gondry come to mind.

          My process involves playing with and pushing boundaries, experimentation with imagery and ideas, working through and experimenting with multiple iterations, letting the work flow through those iterations without attachment, maintaining a playful state of mind with the work, and as the work nears its final form, paring down and focusing on refinement. I go where my curiosity takes me, and my work is ever-evolving as my sphere of reference grows. My interests provide me with rich grounds from which to generate ideas and solve problems in interesting and contemporary ways.